Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what do you *really* want

Was working on the application for one of the other residencies I spoke of and I realized that it is not what I want. It requires a 7-month commitment and I don't want that.

What I want is exactly what I have: a temporary place in Vermont that will allow me the time and space to find a permanent one. I will be one hour away from the city I was trying to get to before.

There is another residency that has space available before I'm expected to be in Vermont. I can do that- if I get accepted. But my goal is Vermont and once there, I'm not looking to leave.

So I'm getting very clear on the things I need to support my writing. All the other is just me being silly and greedy.

Focus, Gwendolyn, FOCUS.

Also, I'm getting a kitten and some turtles and I have a dog. I have someone willing to watch them for me temporarily (once I get said kitten and turtles) but what would be the point of getting them if I'm just going to leave them in someone else's care?

Nope. The goal is to settle down.

Focus, Gwendolyn. FOCUS!!!!!!!

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