Saturday, July 31, 2010

been a bum

haven't written much. not good. I need to finish that collection. working on the bear business. lots of creative spirit flowing but I need to get some words flowing. . .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new poetry book

I Should Have Given Them Water is a challenging new collection of poetry by San Francisco-based poet Eileen Malone. With an unflinching generosity of lush imagery, Malone turns nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns with carefully honed incongruity. She navigates the abstract, messy, expressionistic and humanistic, while maintaining tough, straight forward intensity. These poems are packed with powerful, penetrating struggles by a well-seasoned Feminist (mental health activist), feminine (wife, mother, daughter) poet with an amazing capability for risking, loving, and suspecting her world, all at the same time.

Order Through: Ragged Sky Press
PO Box 312
Annandale, NJ 08801

Guest blog at The Mom Egg


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

not packed yet

Of course not, otherwise I would not be Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz.

Need to run off the itinerary and stories to read on the road.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Destination: Ohio

I cannot wait to go to Ohio. I want to get away and I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to learn some things/make some contacts that might move my writing career along, although I've been real lazy about building and promoting it.

I'm going to change that. Working with a creativity coach. The support is wonderful-- helping me get on track with what my writing priorities are and to work toward them. I just may end up where I "literaturely" want to be:)

GirlChild Press presents the third anthology in the "girl series" - Woman's Work: Short Stories. The collection will be released on July 16, 2010. Take advantage of the pre-sale price of $10.00 by ordering now at Regular price:$15.00

Woman's Work is a wonderful literary celebration. The writing is razor sharp and the storytelling compelling. In this provocative and entertaining collection, that promises surprises around every corner, 40 eclectic women writers, pull us into their ever-changing universe of shapeshifters, fairies, drag queens, and fat Southern girls. This is an adventure not to be missed.


This is a beautiful cover, isn't it. So happy to be a part of this anthology!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Antioch Writer's Workshop

Getting ready to attend.

I am the AWW 1st place winner of the Betty Crumrine Scholarship.


Betty Crumrine Scholarship--awarded to a single parent who is committed to writing and who could not otherwise attend the workshop. The Crumrine Scholarship was created by friends of Betty Crumrine, who lived and wrote in Yellow Springs and participated in the Antioch Writers’ Workshop from 1986 until 1990. She worked full time at the Miami Valley Arts Council and later at the Miami Literacy Council, raising three children and taking care of her own mother while writing true confession stories and young adult novels. She died of cancer in March 1991. In honor of her encouragement of new writers, the Antioch Writers’ Workshop welcomes applications from beginning writers as well as those in mid-career.

Yay for me. And I get to read-- cross Ohio off my list. I may hit all 50 states yet!