Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not quite 25

was up to 24 submissions, mostly reprints, but some new Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz works in the mix. Still a rejection just hours after submission takes me back to 23.

Today I hope to get to 30, but I'll be happy with 25-- the 1/2 -way mark or 1/4-mark, depending on how many subs, and not one simultaneous, I might add, that I want to get out at one time; again mostly reprints that have fallen off the web and some new works, one I'm especially proud of:)

And yes, I'm still working on a book (though there were some days when, well. . . just well. . . ) but I think I'm going to hold off discussion of that till the end of the month. See where I get to. Also I read somewhere that if you talk about something too much, you lose its power, so end of the month it is. (Jessica, my friend, how's it going???)

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