Sunday, March 24, 2013

Listerature 2 From Little Fiction-- I've got a story in there

obit. from Pure Slush available

Pure Slush's sixth print anthology is obit., released in March 2013.

The idea is this: an obituary was written by William Henderson.

 Other writers contributed stories about the same person, about different parts of this character's life, etc. They took incidents or ideas or traits or other characters mentioned in the obituary ... and sometimes their stories refuted them. Stories could be wholly about the obit's subject or maybe only in passing.

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I've been reading

short stories and about the craft of writing. Doing some research but not a whole lot of writing like in Feb. Think I blew a gasket. Several rejections and some publications. A photo was in the final rounds for the cover of a print journal but no cigar. Ah, well.