Saturday, October 16, 2010

in the midst of moving

My father died earlier this year and I've been staying with my mother, but I've got my own place now and I'm moving stuff, mostly books.

Hope to see a difference in my writing output. Caretaking is exhaustive. But I'll have a more balanced schedule and more energy come next week.

Have lots (way too many) unfinished literary projects. Need to clear that up.

Excited 'cause it's all deja vu-ish. The times I was most productive-- writing daily and for hours on end was when I was an instructor before and I wasn't sweating finances and when there was the time for me to be able to stay at the computer lab ('cause at home I just piddle around and find ways to procrastinate) until the twelfth of never. I live close to the university and there's a 24-hour lab so I can go early or stay really late or whatever. When I was working at Vanderbilt, I'd do that 'cause I'm a late-night person and I got some things done.

But no writing tonight. No submissions 'cause I'm in the midst of moving.

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