Monday, February 29, 2016

Dear Gwendolyn -- You've been accepted at Harvard!

Okay, the book store.

For the past three years the Harvard Book Store does this:

The shortest month of the year is upon us. To celebrate this little month, Harvard Book Store is once again making a little book of short, short stories.
We are excited to announce Microchondria III: More Short Short Stories Collected by Harvard Book Store.

As in years past, this book can’t happen without your participation. We need your writing and design to make this leap month count.
Starting Monday, February 1st, you’ll have just under two weeks to write and submit stories of no more than 500 words. Then Harvard Book Store staff will have two weeks to review the submissions, pick their favorites, and assemble them into a book that we will print in-store on Paige, our book-making robot.

On March 11th, we’ll celebrate the book’s publication with an in-store launch party featuring selected readings by some of the collection’s contributors. We’ll be printing copies during the event, so you can learn more about custom book printing and get a book hot off the presses.
They accepted one of my stories. I've been instructed to be on the lookout for my invite-- don't know if it's to read or just to go party--but I can't go either way. Maybe. Don't know yet. Would have to find someone to cover my class and I'd have to count my pennies.

Still, yay!

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