Sunday, January 24, 2016

Well, it has been a minute

since I've been here.  So much happened/and is going on.

Taught a creative writing class and that was so wonderful, watering those young dreams.

Lazy a bit about my own work but did manage to get a few things out.

So . . .

had another photo in the "quietly" beautiful  A Quiet Courage

I had a poem published in the way cool Poetry Superhighway under the umbrella of Poet of the Week

I had another poem published in this anthology and my photo as part of the cover!

I had a micro work published in Post Card Poems and Prose

I won a chapbook contest and my chapbook (with a painting that my daughter did) as the cover will come out in a few months

I'm guest-editing the summer issue of Blue Lyra Review.  Yes, send me something! 

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