Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self

Have one story to go before I finish this collection.  The reviews were (as my son says) "off-the-chain" for this book.  The Washington Post reviewer said that hopefully Danielle Evans was a "very nice person because that might be her only defense against other writers' seething envy. . . "

The short story collection is good.  It's won several major awards, so there you go.

I admired how Evans made the familiar "new" and "new" familiar.   "Harvest" is a wonderful story about an uncommon practice becoming quite common.  "Someone Ought To Tell Her There's Nowhere to Go" is about lost love and things getting way out of hand. 

The story "Snakes" is the one I was truly envious of.  The last line is magnificent. To me, the last line is what a writer ought to be working for-- and the last line of this story blew me away as a reader and writer.  Kudos.

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